Popular Morning Show Hosts of Pakistan:

The morning show is a trend in Pakistan these days. Every channel produces its morning show to entertain the audience in the morning. When you switch the TV at 9 am you will get to see these hosts entertaining the audience. These hosts get huge popularity in the audience because of these morning shows. Morning shows sometimes get criticism by the audience and critics to show unnecessary topics and contents to the public. Still, people watch these morning shows and like the hosts as well. We provide you with the list of best morning show hosts of Pakistan.

Best morning Show Hosts of Pakistan:

The popularity of morning show hosts is very huge in Pakistan. Following are the best morning show hosts of Pakistan.

Farah Saadia:

Farah Saadia is a very well known Pakistani morning show host. She has excellent skills in hosting the show. Her set is more like a comfortable lounge for the guests. She interviews her guests in a very friendly and good. She gives them to speak their heart out in front of her. But not she is doing a morning show on Aplus. Her show in Aplus is more commercialized and glamourized. She is very elegant her sense of dressing is very popular among women who are fond of watching morning shows.

Sanam Jung:

Sanam Jung who is the host of morning show named as Jago Pakistan Jago on HumTV. She is also the actress of drama serials. She acts in drama serials along with the hosting of morning shows. Her polite way of taking impresses, everyone. She got popularity by her TV dramas yet she is popular as a morning show host as well.

Sanam Baloch:

Sanam Baloch is an actress as well as morning show host as well. She was doing a really popular morning show on ARY News but she quit the show and started doing another morning show on Samma TV. She has her or grace of wearing clothes which is popular among the public. She has a really good and respectable way of talking.

Shaista Lodhi:

Shaista Lodhi who is a doctor by her profession. She started acting and hosting by quitting her profession. She has set many trends in morning shows in including the Shaadi trend. She was the top morning show hosts of Pakistan. But because of an unwanted incident in her show made her leave the morning shows. But she is now back with morning shows and acting in dramas. Shows hosted by Shaista Lodhi are:

  • Good Morning Pakistan (ARY Digital)
  • Utho Jago Pakistan (Geo TV)
  • Sitary Ki Subha (Hum Sitary)
  • Mehman Nawaz (See TV)
  • Geo Subha Pakistan (Geo TV)

Faisal Qureshi

Faisal Qureshi is a Pakistani actor, director, writer, producer and a host. He was born on 17th September 1973. He is one of the best Pakistani actors. He started his career from playwriting. He wrote many scripts for different plays. He gained popularity after producing the Sitcom. He is not only a good actor but also a great host. His hosting skills took him to this platform where he is hosting a morning show. He appeared in many comedy-dramas, movies, television serials. He has hosted the only one-morning show in his life named "Salam Zindagi".

Sahir Lodhi

Sahir Lodhi is a well-known Pakistani actor, director and a host. He hosted many morning shows, reality shows and talk shows. He was born in Karachi. He started his career from a director. He produced many serials such as Kuch Tum Kaho Kuch Hum Kahain, Shair Online, Ranjhay Sassi Punoon Heer. He appeared in many morning shows. Names of some morning shows are given below:

  • Aap Ka Sahir
  • The Sahir Show
  • Chai Time
  • Shair Online
  • The Sahir Lodhi Show
  • Morning Masala

Sahir Lodhi gained popularity from morning shows. People like his personality because he just look like Shahrukh Khan. He had copied his style. He is the most popular personality discussed on TV.  

Javeria Saud

Javeria Saud is a Pakistani actress, singer and a host. He was born in 1993. She appeared first time on television as a Naat Reciter. After that, she appeared in many television dramas. Some of her the most popular television serials are given below:

  • Maa, Thori Khushi Thora Ghum,
  • Khaali Aankhein
  • Khala Qulsum Ka Kumba
  • Piyari Shammo
  • Rishte Mohabbaton Ke
  • Harjaaye
  • Piya Ka Ghar Piyara Lage

She hosted a morning show named "Satrangi". She gained popularity in the field of hosting just because of her attitude. Her attitude towards the audience is so sweet. She talks to them like friends. She is very friendly and gregarious.

Sundas Khan

Sundas Khan is a Pakistani talented and educated woman. She starting her career form hosting. She always tries to convey clear ideas to the audience that are given by the guest. She is one of the beautiful and good looking actresses. She gained popularity because of her morning show. People like her dressing style and the way she speaks. She impressed the viewers with her attitude and behaviour.

Nazia Malik

Nazia Malik is a Pakistani talented host. She is the host of the morning show "Subh e Nau". She loves to takes more live calls and have gup shup with them. Different celebrities come to her morning show including singers and actors.



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