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With the development of technology several things have been replaced and so is your shopping habits. Online shopping is the heaven for the window shoppers and by analyzing this demand of people many online applications are exclusively dedicated to online shopping. Discover the items of your choice including clothes, shoes, makeup, accessories, gadgets, electronics, furniture and much more. With the increased demand for online shopping, many applications are providing location-based services for food, convenience, groceries and even products. Thanks to the new technologies, firewalls and cyber rules online frauds and violation rates have been decreased to some extinct. Let’s discuss some world widely used online shopping applications:


Target is best for those who love to make deals. Target is the eighth largest retail store of America and its online application provides you location based services as best as can be. You can check weekly ads, build your shopping list, drop in the cart, checkout all on the app and when you are done and get free delivery services. The only bad reviews people gave are the products being out of stocked and application crashes during heavy traffic.

Availability: Android, iOS as well as a web application.


The logo itself tells you can buy everything, available from A to Z. Amazon is the world largest online as well smartphone retail store consisting of every kind of product that comes in your mind. Its best feature are product descriptions, ratings, and reviews to avail best product according to your need. Whether you have a bad or good experience it encourages you to rate them and write reviews about them to distinguish black sheep. You can search for products by pictures and barcodes to compare prices and check availability. You can manage and track your stoppings on your Amazon account. The only drawback is the over the price of Amazon Prime membership.

Availability: Android, iOS as well as a web application.

Rent the runway

Okay, let’s admit it’s not easy to afford designer clothes or accessories all the time. We often buy those fancy dresses for a big occasion but don’t want to repeat them. By understanding this problem the app Rent the Runway came up with a solution by providing you rental based designer clothes, shoes and other accessories of your choice. It takes them 2 days to ship the rental product and the shipment on the normal conditions itself-take 2 days. For a wider variety of outfits and their accessories, it has an extension of Rent the Run Way Unlimited with a $139 monthly subscription fee. While some people say their rents costs them more than the original price others have good opinion too.

Availability: Android, iOS as well as a web application.


For easy and fun shopping customers always chooses Etsy especially for handmade products. You can discover vintage, antique, handcraft and unique items on this application. By the word unique means, such products couldn’t be found on another online platform. It is a user-friendly app with good usability and learnability features. You can customize your shopping, add or delete them in the cart, see product description and the screen. It has good load tolerance but the company lacks a bit in the customer services and customer satisfaction. As the products are only available on their applications there prices are a bit higher.

Availability: Android, iOS as well as a web application.


It was old time when eBay was used for online auctions but now they have pretty good deals to fit into your budget. They have a good bargaining deal for the famous brands. You can get everything from their app even used or new. It is a user friendly app, users could be of two types one who come to buy any product and the other to sell anything. You can manage your dealings on your eBay account. They are not strict about their product reviews and it’s totally on the customer to avoid any fraud or wrong products. You can find your relevant product by scanning barcodes, push notifications for your items and your product history on your feed.

Availability: Android, iOS as well as a web application.


We often plan some bombshell outfits in our m9inds but when it comes to wearing them we look like a potato. Or we have some trendy clothes but couldn’t understand how to rock them, how to wear them on a certain occasion. The finery understands this problem and suggests you with the outfit styling. It’s like a digital wardrobe connected with email to create a virtual display of everything you buy. But how does it works? It reads your email notifications and gather their information from your email receipts.

Who doesn’t love window shopping but often forgets about the best deals or misplaces the link of your dream dress? Finery app lets you make a wish-list on the app so that you shouldn’t forget your internet gems. So, next time you are struggling with any outfit or you wants to brag your closet in front of your friend just open the Finery app and have fun.

Availability: Android, iOS as well as a web application.






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