Most Popular Microsoft Store Apps


Apps come in various domains from movies to news, entertainment to games, movies to songs and educational to religious genres. This decade is all about new technologies and applications to make routine life simpler and convenient. Just like Android the Google Play and Apple has App store the Windows OS has Microsoft Store. It is an online store owned by Microsoft to download apps. It consists of paid as well as unpaid applications. It was first launched in Windows 8 OS and then in new Windows OS with few updates.  For windows users we had gathered most popular apps of Microsoft Store:

WhatsApp Desktop

Now you don’t need a smartphone or a web browser to use WhatsApp application. It can be freely downloaded from any application store. But there is a limitation, it could be download only on Windows 8 OS or Mac OSX 10.9 and the newer OS coming after them also you will need your smartphone to scan the QR code for the synchronization of Mobile and Web App. Without verifying your number you cannot use desktop applications. Here are simple steps to install it:

  • Open Microsoft Store and search WhatsApp Desktop.
  • Click on the download button.
  • After installing WhatsApp it will ask you to scan QR code from your smart device.
  • Go to your smart device and click on the dotted menu, click on WhatsApp Web and scan the code by pointing it towards the QR code on Desktop screen.
  • And enjoy Free Services on the PC.

Xbox Video

It’s a true lie if someone says they don’t watch entertainment. Besides providing TV shows, movies, documentaries on your Windows it also lets you customize your videos and pictures. The application is free to browse but you need to buy movies and TV series to watch. Here are the Salient Features of this App:

  • You can watch trailers on this application.
  • Manage and browse your personal collection.
  • Rental based options are also available for the movies or TV shows but with the region limitation.
  • You can tilt your movie screen 360 degrees.
  • You can use it on all your Windows devices.


The world’s most subscribed app to watch TV series, documentaries and movies are also available for your desktops. It provides paid services with one month free trial by providing your bank account number for free registration. It is the world’s seventh largest internet based company as per revenue. It has the following features:

  • It can stream an unlimited number of TV series, documentaries and movies
  • It has safety mode for children
  • It continuously adds new content so you don’t get bored.
  • You don’t need to download or play DVDs as content will come from the internet
  • A single Account owner can further create 5 more personalized profiles without paying for them.
  • They are ads free.
  • Its services vary from country to country.
  • You can pause and play resumed video.
  • You can switch languages as per your like, English is by default.

Microsoft Photos

In this photographic world who doesn’t edit their pics, add effects on them or play with filters. Just like another photo editor, it allows you to edit pictures, videos, add text, emoji, stickers and filters on them. Create videos, add motions, remix them or even add 3D effects on them. Some key features are:

  • It is only a desktop application.
  • Share your pics or videos on social media.
  • Crop images, trim videos and edit them.
  • You can manage your collection and search the relevant content regarding it.
  • Add 3d effects in your videos.
  • Beautify your images and videos; fixes red eye, removes blemishes, and dark spots.
  • Manage all your albums and get their access from anywhere by One Drive.
  • Images Slideshow and fast scrolling with details
  • Set your images as a wallpaper, background or lock screen.


A free photos and videos sharing social application owned by Facebook with over 500 million users. The use of appropriate hashtags for gaining more followers and online business has helped Instagram to gain popularity all over the world. There are two types of Instagram accounts one is for personal use with privacy options (public or private) and other is for business account. It is available for both Android and IOS platforms as well as it has web application with limited features.

  • Besides sharing pictures and videos you can also; edit them, add locations, tag people and places, add daily stories and store them in highlights.
  • Share multiple images, videos or stories in a thread.
  • Discover the world; new friends, accounts, business accounts, and trends
  • Share your photos on other social media platforms.
  • Send private messages, videos, recordings and pictures to your friends and family.
  • A most influenced platform for online shopping
  • Directly sends pics, videos or stories to your friends from your feed
  • Multiple editing tools for your stories including stickers, GIFs, customized text and emoji.
  • Share your website or channel link









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